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UWC Constitution


The name of this organization is the University Women’s Club (UWC) of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. This is a non-profit organization.


The purpose of the Club is to provide an opportunity for women within the University community to become better acquainted and to exchange information and ideas.


Section 1. The membership of the Club shall consist of active and honorary members.

Section 2. Eligible for membership is any woman (including a wife or widow) who qualifies in any of the following categories: (1) current, past or retired University of Tennessee faculty or staff member (including lecturers, visiting and adjunct professors, and artists-in-residence); (2) ministers of University campus religious centers; (3) staff of professional honorary fraternities located within the University community; (4) employees of the University of Tennessee Medical Center; (5) federal or federal contractor employees working with the University; and (6) any University of Tennessee graduate.

A member in good standing with the University Women’s Club may continue her membership even though her official ties with the University of Tennessee no longer exist.

Section 3. The annual dues shall be payable by July 1, the beginning of the club’s fiscal year. Changes in dues shall be recommended by the Board and voted on by the general membership.

Section 4. Active membership, including listing in the yearbook and participation in Interest Groups, is obtained and retained only by the payment of dues.

Section 5. Prior to July 1, 2014, honorary membership was available to any woman eligible for membership in Article III, Section 2, who retired from the University, or whose connection with the University had been severed by the retirement or death of a spouse, and as such, was eligible to pay half the regular dues. Anyone who became an honorary member before July 1, 2014, all other members are considered regular members and pay full dues.

Section 6. A six-month courtesy membership is available to those who are eligible for membership and who join the University community after January 1, or serve as program speaker.  Courtesy members are entitled to all privileges of the Club.


The officers of the Club shall be: President, First Vice President (President-Elect), Second Vice President, Immediate Past President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer. The officers with the Program Chairman, Interest Group Chairman, Newsletter Editor, Membership Chairman, Historian/Publicity Chairman, Hospitality Chairman, Parliamentarian, Newcomer and Recruitment Chairman, Holiday Events Chairmen, and Spring Luncheon Chairmen shall constitute the Executive Board.


Section 1. The election of officers shall be held at the March meeting.

Section 2. A nominating committee of three members shall be appointed by the President by January and shall report the slate of officers to the membership at the February meeting. Consent of each nominee must be obtained before her name is submitted by the nominating committee.

Section 3. Members may make nominations from the floor at the meeting when elections are held, provided the person nominated has consented and is present at the meeting.

Section 4. The Program Chairman, Newsletter Editor, Membership Chairman, Interest Group Chairman, Historian/Publicity Chairman, Parliamentarian, and Newcomer Chairman shall be appointed by the President.

Section 5. The Executive Committee, which shall consist of the President,  President-elect  and Immediate Past-president, shall have the power to fill any vacancy occurring in office and assists the president in making decisions between Board meetings, with approval of the full Board at the next meeting.


Section 1. The President shall preside at all meetings and shall act as Chairman of the Executive Board. She shall appoint all committee chairmen and committees, and shall serve as ex officio member of each committee, except for the nominating committee. The President, along with the Treasurer, shall have financial responsibility for the funds of the organization with authority to access to all UWC bank accounts and the ability to sign documents on behalf of the organization.

Section 2. The First Vice President shall be President-elect and shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President.

Section 3. The Second Vice President shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President and the First Vice President, and shall compile the yearbook.

Section 4. The Recording Secretary shall keep minutes and perform all duties usual to the office.

Section 5. The Corresponding Secretary shall be in charge of all correspondence for the Club and shall contact Board members prior to the meeting.

Section 6. The Treasurer shall collect dues, have charge of funds, keep  financial records, and make monthly reports of the finances of the Club. The Treasurer, along with the President, shall have financial responsibility for the funds of the organization with authority to access all UWC bank accounts and sign documents on behalf of the organization.

Section 7. The Program Chairman shall plan and schedule all programs.

Section 8. The Newsletter Editor shall be responsible for publication and mailing of the newsletter.

Section 9. The Membership Chairman shall compile a list of eligible newcomers and keep a complete list of all members, active and honorary.

Section 10. The Interest Groups Chairman shall organize such groups as the members shall request.

Section 11. The Historian/Publicity Chairman shall keep scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and photographs for an accurate history of the Club. She shall keep an inventory and be responsible for any club property and records. She shall be responsible for any publicity the club requires.

Section 12. The Hospitality Chairman shall arrange for hostesses and oversee arrangements for the monthly meetings of the Club. The Hospitality Chair shall oversee arrangements for the monthly meetings of the Club, including the location for each meeting, the menu to be provided as appropriate, and decorations for the tables as needed.

Section 13. The Newcomer and Recruitment Chairman shall contact new university employees and spouses of new university employees and welcome them to the Faculty Women’s Club. She shall greet newcomers and new members at meetings. She shall arrange newcomer and/or new member group activities in consultation with the Interest Group Chairman.

Section 14. The Parliamentarian shall attend all Board meetings as a non-voting member.

Section 15. The Immediate Past President shall provide counsel and serve as an information resource relating to immediate past Club business.


Regular meetings of the Club shall be held on the second Friday of the month beginning and ending with the nine-month academic calendar. Meeting changes may be made by the President and the Program Chairman.


Meetings shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rule of Order, Newly Revised.


This Constitution may be amended or revised by a two-thirds vote of those present at any regular meeting of the Club, provided notice of the proposed changes has been given at the previous meeting.

Adopted April 1941
Revised April 1947
Amended April 1954
Amended April 1959
Amended April 1960
Amended April 1964
Amended April 1967
Revised 1972
Revised 1975
Updated 1975
Revised 1974
Updated 1977
Revised April 1982
Amended March 1986
Revised May 1987
Revised February 1988
Revised March 1998
Revised February 1999
Revised October 2001
Revised April 2003
Revised March 2005
Revised July 1, 2012
Revised August 7, 2013