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Photo Gallery

Spring 2019 Luncheon

Kathy Conlon, Megan Venable, Joan Cresia, Stacy Palado, Debbie Dalton

Speaker Natalie Baumgarner

Priscilla Bright, Sherri Clark, Kathy Lasater, Debbie Woodiel

Jean Hulsey and April Massengill

Bethany Dumas, Debbie Dalton, Marjorie Reynolds

Verna McLean, Sharon Smith, Martha Lee Osborne


March 2019 Luncheon

The speaker was Cynthia Tinker of The Center for the Study of War and Society; a non-profit organization dedicated to the study of the relationship between war and society.


February 2019 Luncheon

Dr. Shelley Binder spoke of her great-grandmother’s escape from the sinking Titanic. Traveling alone with an infant child as a third-class passenger, she managed to get on one of the last life boats before the ship sank. You could have heard a pin drop!

Jean Hulsey and Donna Eason

Betty Craig and Sue Todd

Joan Clevenger, Pat Crumpton and Alice Torbett

Ann Michaels, Bethany Dumas and Lisa Carroll

Regina Dean and Megan Venable

Marjorie Reynolds, Linda Francisco and Sandra Butler

Sharon Smith and Betty Craig

Marilyn Dorn, Kathy Lasater and Lynn Kleinfelter


Holiday Reception 2018

November 2018 Luncheon

October 2018 Luncheon

September 2018 Luncheon


2018-19 Welcome Back Event