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Ayres Family

The Ayres family: from the left, Dr. Brown Ayres, Mrs. Ayres, Mattie Garland Ayres Newman, Samuel Warren Ayres, John Anderson Ayres, Mary Douglas Ayres Ewell, Elizabeth Cook Ayres Link, Katherine Stewart Ayres Watson, Ruth Virginia Ayres, Morgan Brown Ayres

The University Women’s Club (UWC) of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, was founded in 1912 by Katie Anderson Ayres, wife of Brown Ayres, president of the University 1904 – 1919.  In addition to raising eight children, Mrs. Ayres hosted all the social functions of the University in her home; the president’s home was on the Hill where Ferris Hall is now located. She has been described as a woman of charm, gentility, and friendliness. Mrs. Ayres was particularly interested in the wives of faculty members and women faculty. She felt these women who had so much in common needed to know each other and hoped they would love the University as much as she did. In 1912 she founded the Faculty Wives Club and served as its president for seven years. Its purpose was primarily social, and the records reveal that the club cultivated friendship and caring among members as well as reaching out to newcomers.

Over the years as the club grew, and the name was changed to the Faculty Women’s Club, to broaden the scope of those it served. In 2012, the Faculty Women’s Club was renamed the University Women’s Club to recognized that it serves all women associated with the University—faculty, staff, and wives of faculty and staff.

The University Women’s Club continues its century-long tradition of welcoming those new to the University as well as providing all members a place to gather and build friendships. While the club’s main purpose is to foster community among University women, it also supports education. Club meetings feature information about University research and initiatives, and interest groups support a wide array of topics and activities. In addition, UWC members fund a scholarship for re-entry students at the University of Tennessee. Members find their lives are enhanced by club membership through expanded interests, warm friendships, and closer ties to the University.

Past Presidents

1912-19 Mrs. Brown Ayres •∗ 1970-71 Mrs. E. C. (Betty) Dean
1919-21 Mrs. H. A. Morgan ∗ 1971-72 Mrs. Edward J. Boling
1921-22 Mrs. J. D. Hoskins ∗ 1972-73 Mrs. Homer F. Johnson
1922-23 Miss Nellie Crooks ∗ 1973-74 Mrs. Arthur T. Whitehead
1923-24 Mrs. C. E. Wait ∗ 1974-75 Mrs. Maxwell Springer ∗
1924-25 Mrs. J. C. Hodges ∗ 1975-76 Mrs. Francis M. Trusty
1925-26 Mrs. C. A. Wilson ∗ 1976-77 Mrs. M. Carl Bell ∗
1926-27 Mrs. F. C. Lowry ∗ 1977-78 Mrs. O. Glen Hall
1927-28 Miss Mary Baker ∗ 1978-79 Mrs. John H. Fisher ∗
1928-29 Mrs. F. M. Massey ∗ 1979-80 Mrs. Donald Hansen
1929-30 Mrs. N. W. Dougherty ∗ 1980-81 Mrs. Donald Bouldin
1930-31 Mrs. H. M. Jennison ∗ 1981-82 Mrs. Hugh Jaynes
1931-32 Mrs. F. F. Frantz ∗ 1982-83 Mrs. Alfred Guthe ∗
1932-33 Mrs. T. W. Glocker ∗ 1983-84 Mrs. J. Reece Roth
1933-34 Mrs. P. W. Allen ∗ 1984-85 Mrs. Stan Huntsman
1934-35 Mrs. Axel Brett ∗ 1985-86 Mrs. Robert Landen
1935-36 Mrs. C. H. Wilson ∗ 1986-87 Mrs. G. Allan Yeomans
1937-38 Mrs. J. A. Switzer ∗ 1987-88 Mrs. Joe B. Trahern, Jr. ∗
1938-39 Mrs. F. B. Ward ∗ 1988-89 Mrs. Gary Schneider
1939-40 Mrs. O. W. Dynes ∗ 1989-90 Mrs. Carole Lundin
1940-41 Mrs. R. E. Dunford ∗ 1990-91 Mrs. Sol Adler
1941-42 Mrs. H. B. Witham ∗ 1991-92 Mrs. D.M. Gossett
1942-43 Mrs. F. C. Smith ∗ 1992-93 Mrs. James Thompson
1943-44 Miss Ida Anders ∗ 1993-94 Mrs. Harvey Carruth
1944-45 Mrs. R. M. Boarts ∗ 1994-95 Mrs. Russell Buhite
1945-46 Mrs. K. L. Hertel 1995-96 Mrs. Emerson Fly
1946-47 Mrs. T. L. Howard ∗ 1996-97 Mrs. James Littlepage
1947-48 Mrs. Axel McNeil ∗ 1997-98 Deborah K. Woodiel
1948-49 Mrs. J. W. Hoffmann ∗ 1998-99 Carol Cruzan
1949-50 Mrs. R. W. Morton ∗ 1999-2000 Sandra Mundy
1950-51 Mrs. H. C. Warner ∗ 2000-01 Kathryn Aycock
1951-52 Mrs. Armour T. Granger ∗ 2001-02 Dr. Bonnie Riechert
1952-53 Mrs. Harvey G. Meyer ∗ 2002-03 Bee DeSelm
1953-54 Mrs. Paris B. Stockdale ∗ 2003-04 Virginia Patterson
1954-55 Mrs. M. A. Sharp ∗ 2004-05 Beverley McGavin ∗
1955-56 Mrs. W. H. Wicker ∗ 2005-06 Nancy Tanner ∗
1956-57 Mrs. J. H. Wood ∗ 2006-07 Audrey Duncan
1957-58 Mrs. A. D. Holt ∗ 2007-08 Elizabeth (Betty) Craig
1958-59 Mrs. Alvin H. Nielsen ∗ 2008-09 Lisa Carroll
1959-60 Mrs. Paul C. Cromwell ∗ 2009-10 Dr. Joan Uhl Pierce ∗
1960-61 Mrs. Vernon W. Darter ∗ 2010-11 Sara Phillips
1961-62 Mrs. W. O. Leffell ∗ 2011-12 Sue Todd
1962-63 Mrs. Earl M. Ramer ∗ 2012-13 Janet Lundy ∗
1963-64 Mrs. Herman E. Spivey ∗ 2013-14 Therese Leadbetter
1964-65 Mrs. Nathan S. Hall 2014-15 Bethany Dumas
1966-67 Mrs. Robert S. Avery 2015-16 Joan Clevenger
1967-68 Mrs. J. William Cole ∗ 2016-17 Dr. Kathy Lasater
1968-69 Mrs. E. C. Merrill ♦∗ 2017-18 June Swaney
1968-69 Mrs. S. C. Dietz 2018-2019 Sharon Smith
Founder(•) Resigned(♦) Deceased(∗)